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Internet Services

CalTel offers the following services:

56K Dialup Service

CalTel offers dialup internet service that uses your standard telephone line and telephone modem built into your computer to get onto the internet. While your computer is on the internet, you will not be able to make or receive telephone calls. Newer computers are no longer have dialup modems. If you have a new computer that does not have a dialup modem, please call us for additional support.

Our dialup service is $19.95 per month - no contract or setup fee.

To get our dialup service, you must live in our service area. We cover the following areas:

Prefix: Location: Access Number:
209-736-xxxx Angels Camp 785-7500
209-728-xxxx Murphys
209-753-xxxx Bear Valley
209-795-xxxx Arnold
209-785-xxxx Copperopolis 785-7500
209-881-xxxx Knights Ferry
209-984-xxxx Jamestown
209-763-xxxx Wallace 786-7500
209-772-xxxx Valley Springs
209-786-xxxx Jenny Lind
209-899-xxxx Milton

We only cover the above Telephone Prefixes. CalTel is not responsible for long-distance charges if the wrong dialup number is chosen.

High Speed DSL

CalTel's DSL service is a reliable high-speed, always on internet connection. It works over your phone line, while at the same time allows you to use your same phone line to make and receive regular telephone calls. DSL can be up to 100 times faster than regular 28.8Kb dialup connection, depending on your location, and DSL service plan.

We have 2 available service plans available for our customers in the (209)785-xxxx and (209)786-xxxx service areas. All of our service plans are based on “Theoretical - Best Achievable Rate” (T-BAR). There are many dependencies that include, but are not limited to: Internet traffic, owner's computer speed, distance from phone company equipment, and equipment status. Because of this, we cannot guarantee any minimum connection speed or internet availability.

3.0 Mbps $49.95 per month
3.0 Million bits per second download *
512 Thousand bits per second upload *
6.0 Mbps $69.95 per month
6.0 Million bits per second download *
512 Thousand bits per second upload *

*All rates are “Theoretical - Best Achievable Rate” and are not guaranteed.


One CalTel email account is included with every dialup and DSL service we offer. All email accounts come with the following:

  • Junk mail and virus filtering through IronPort.
  • POP access
  • Web Access
  • 100MB (MegaBytes) of storage space on our server.

Additional CalTel email accounts are only $5.00 per month. If you have internet through another provider, but would like a CalTel email address, you may also sign up for our email service for only $5.00 per month.

Domain Hosting

CalTel offers two kinds of domain hosting - basic and commercial.

Basic hosting is included for all of our customers who have DSL, dialup or email accounts. Your own domain name is not included with this service.

Commercial: If you have purchased or want to purchase a domain name, we can host your website with our commercial webhosting service. There is a $50.00 setup fee for the commercial webhosting service and $10.00 per month charge in addition to the cost of a CalTel dialup, DSL or Email account. Please note that Webhosting services cannot be purchased without first having a CalTel internet service.

Cost: Included + $10.00 per month
Setup Fee: No $50.00
Web Space: 2MB 10MB*
Domain: No Required

*Additional Storage space may be purchased for commercial webhosting at the rate of $5.00 per 10MB.

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