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WiFi Troubleshooting

If you are using a WEP encryption ensure you use only lower case letters.

If you are using WPA encryption, all letters are case sensitive and you must include spaces if there are any in your pass phrase. Please verify you have typed in your pass phrase correctly.

Possible images you may see:

Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows XP

Windows XP
If either image appears, disconnect from the WiFi network, then reconnect and try retyping your key.

If retyping your password doesn't work try these steps below:

  1. If you have a PC connected via ethernet check to see if you can bring up a webpage and surf. If you can connect, try retyping your key on your wireless device.
  2. If you cannot connect with your desktop or you do not have one, try unplugging your wireless router or modem for 2 minutes and plugging it back in. Please do not press the reset button at any time.
  3. If this does not work, please Contact Us.
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