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AT&T MicroCell Troubleshooting

If the AT&T 3G MicroCell is not working after being connected to the router/gateway, first try the basic troubleshooting steps contained in the User Guide. If the 3G MicroCell still will not connect to the AT&T network (as indicated by a continuous blinking 3G light), then use the following instructions to check the router's settings and change them, as needed. If it is a router CalTel has provided these settings should be in place all ready by default.
Normally, just plugging the 3G MicroCell into the router/gateway is all that is required. However, sometimes router/gateway settings have been changed or the 3G MicroCell will not connect properly. This section will show how to change the settings for some popular modems/routers to enable the 3G MicroCell to connect successfully.
Configure the network to allow the following if using other than CalTel provided equipment or custom settings:

  1. DHCP is on
  2. Port Blocking is either turned off or allowing ports 4500 and 500
  3. MTU size is set to *1492*
  4. MAC address filtering is either turned off or allowing the MAC address of the AT&T 3G MicroCell
  5. IPSec Pass-Through is Enabled
  6. Block Fragmented Packets is Disabled
  7. If using multiple routers, the 3G MicoCell must be connected to the first router connected to the broadband modem
  8. If the 3G MicroCell is connected to a router that is connected to a modem and both the router and the modem have NAT (Network Address Translation) enabled, disable NAT either in the router or the modem.
  9. Ensure the modem / router is using the latest software (firmware). Please see the manufacturer's documentation.
  10. TCP/UDP Ports
    NOTE: All ports listed need to be configured for inbound and outbound connections.
    1. 123/UDP: NTP timing (NTP traffic)
    2. 443/TCP: Https over TLS/SSL for provisioning and management traffic
    3. 4500/UDP: IPSec NAT Traversal (for all signaling, data, voice traffic)
    4. 500/UDP: IPSec Phase 1 prior to NAT detection (after NAT detection, 4500/UDP is used)
    5. 4500/UDP: After NAT detection, 4500/UDP is used
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