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Missing Email Messages

If you believe you are missing email messages, check the following:

  1. First make sure that the message hasn't been quarantined in our IronPort spam filter. go to and sign in with your CalTel email address and password. When you are presented with a list of filtered messages, select the messages you want to receive, choose 'release' and then click 'Submit'. Go to step number 5.
  2. If you do not see the message in Ironport, go to your email program and see if you have a folder labelled 'Junk' or 'Spam'. Go in that folder and look for the missing email.
  3. If the message is not in 'Junk' or 'Spam' go into your 'Deleted Items' or 'Trash' folder. Look for the message.
  4. Some email programs have a search capability. Use that if you can.
  5. Click the 'Send / Receive' or 'Get Mail' button at the top of your email program. Wait for all messages to arrive then check your inbox.
  6. Are your email messages sorted correctly? If not, go to this knowledge base article.
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