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iOS 10.3 WiFi Setup:

(General instructions for iPhone / iPad)

  1. Find and tap the settings icon on your home screen.
  2. In the main settings screen, locate and tap the “WiFi” selection, usually under “Airplane Mode.”
  3. On the main WiFi screen, look for your wireless network underneath “Choose a network” and tap it. Also be sure the slider next to “WiFi” is green (on). Tap the slider if it is not.
  4. On the following screen you will be prompted to enter the password for your wireless network. Do so, then hit the blue “Join” button in either the upper right corner or lower right corner of your keyboard.
  5. After entering the password you should be taken back to the previous screen. Your wireless network should now appear with a blue check mark next to it if you successfully connected to it. You should also have a fan-shaped WiFi icon near the upper left corner of the screen, which also indicates being connected to a wireless network.

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