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-===== iOS 5 & 6 WiFi Setup: =====+===== iOS 10.3 WiFi Setup: =====
 === (General instructions for iPhone / iPad) === === (General instructions for iPhone / iPad) ===
 \\ \\
-  -Find and tap settings icon on your screen.\\ {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​settings.png?300nolink|}} +  -Find and tap the settings icon on your home screen.\\ {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​img_2377.png?400| 
-  -Tap WiFi.\\ {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​ios4wifi.png?300nolink|}} +}} 
-  -Make sure your WiFi is enabled ​on your phone.  ​Slide to **ON** ​if it is OFF.\\   {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​ios4wifi1.png?300nolink|}} +  -In the main settings screen, locate and tap the "WiFi" selection, usually under "​Airplane Mode."  ​{{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​img_2378.png?400|}} 
-  -Choose and tap a WiFi network ​to connect to.\\ {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​ios4wifi2.png?300nolink|}} +  -On the main WiFi screen, look for your wireless network underneath "​Choose a network"​ and tap it.  Also be sure the slider next to "WiFi" ​is green (on).  ​Tap the slider ​if it is not {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​img_2379.png?400|}} 
-  -If WiFi hotspot is encrypted.  ​Enter security key and tap Join.\\ {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​ios4wifi3.png?300nolink|}}+  -On the following screen you will be prompted to enter the password for your wireless ​network. ​ Do so, then hit the blue "​Join"​ button in either the upper right corner or lower right corner of your keyboard. ​   ​{{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​img_2381.png?400|}} 
 +  -After entering the password you should be taken back to the previous screen.  ​Your wireless network should now appear with a blue check mark next to it if you successfully connected to it You should also have a fan-shaped WiFi icon near the upper left corner of the screen, which also indicates being connected to a wireless network. ​  
 + {{:​knowledge_base:​setup:​wifi:​img_2382.png?400|}} 
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